Monday, December 5, 2011

Future Dream Home Tour Part I : Living Room

So as fun as wedding planning is, we find ourselves dreaming more about our future home... Maybe its because that will actually last longer that one day?

Anywho, we are constantly talking about what we will want where and the type of atmosphere we want our home to have.

Strange as it may seem, for a 22-year-old girl woman and a 23-year-old man child we have quite a bit of what we will need already

Here's a look at our future dream living room pieces that we already own, registered for and are dreaming of having some day... Enjoy!

We will be basing the room off of this magnificent pirate ship painting...

I realize its not so easy to see the actual painting in this picture, but I just love these girls too much to post a boring picture of it instead. I know what you're thinking... Where can you find such a masterpiece surrounded by gorgeous girls? I'm sorry, but this was a once in a lifetime Hope Chest find... The painting technically isn't mine.. That smoking blonde in front of it is my bestie and its hers... Seeing as she is in Germany on a mission and has left it in my care, I don't see any harm in basking in its glory until she comes home to reclaim her prize..

We have two chairs that will go perfectly with the painting and they were a STEAL! Seriously, J and I are both SO in love with them... They're so comfortable, in perfect condition, and small scale so they will work great in any space we have. (Ps, Please ignore the fact that our only pictures were taken in a dirty garage before we stored them away)

We also have a butlers chair that we reupholstered ourselves. I found it at the Hope Chest on 1/2 off furniture day, so it was a WHOPPING $5... Not too bad for the price if you ask me!

I already have curtains hanging in my room that match perfectly, so we will be able to move those over. I also have a small leather storage ottoman that will work well... J has a massive TV and surround sound, but thats easy to imagine, so I won't bother posting pics... Sorry J. I'm also working on some super sweet framed quotes that I will post as soon as I've finished them.

Other than small accessories, I think that about covers the things we already have for the living room. Now for the things we're registered for...

We LOVE how versatile and cheap this rug is! No matter how the room evolves, this rug will always work.

Of course a cozy throw blanket is always important...

We really have most of the things we will need for the living room, so things we registered for are pretty limited. We had registered for some pretty silk pillows that were a blue that matched the throw blanket, but they were on sale 2 for $9.99 on Black Friday, so we ended up getting them ourselves! It just didn't seem fair to let someone else pay $15 more when we could get them so cheap...

So, have you noticed the ONE thing we really NEED for our living room?
Yep, the big ticket item:

If we could have any couch we wanted, we would definitely go for something like this:

Unfortunately this baby starts at approx $3,900...
Maybe for my 20th anniversary present once the kids won't destroy it?

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it?
Stay tuned for another dream room coming up soon...
We hope you're Christmas Season is sweet and stress-free!

- J & E -

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deciding to be Decisive.... Maybe....

J and I have this little problem called indecisiveness.
We have 234,546,134.8 great ideas for the wedding, and have made up our minds on approximately 4 of them.

Thankfully we picked up all of our centerpiece glassware last week from Dollar Tree and not a single vase was broken! We literally had the entire bed of the truck filled with boxes...

Just a reminder, something along these lines is what we have in mind:

Our vellum is colored, and we haven't quite decided on whether we will add some detailing to the paper or just leave them super simple... I promise we will post some pics once we've made up our mind!

Here are some sneak peaks of some ideas we have floating around our heads...
No promises any of them will actually stick though!

Comments? Ideas? Suggestions?
We would love to hear them!

- J & E -

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can I take you picha?

#1 thing I regret with J and I... We NEVER take pictures.
Like EVER.

This became blatantly obvious when I was browsing his FB page the last night...
(OK, lets be honest, I was creeping on pictures of him while I was waiting for him to pick me up. So obsessed, right?) I realized that not only do we hardly ever take pictures together, but apparently one of my favorite things to do is post random pictures of myself on his wall when I'm bored...

Need proof?

This makes me more than a little worried about engagement pictures.
I think its pretty clear I have a problem with coming off as a little awkward in photos...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh wedding planning...

We heard all sorts of horror stories and jokes about how hard/stressful planning our wedding was going to be. As if going to work and school, saving up as much money as we can, going to all sorts of classes to help us prepare for the wedding, searching for a home, and actually still having a life in between wasn't enough to keep us busy, now we had to add wedding planning to our schedules?!

We started looking into design ideas, details of how we want the day to go, and all the people we wanted to enjoy it with us and realized that everyone was

We have Loved every second of it so far!

Now thats not to say Jeffery and I don't have our differences. He Loves for things to look clean, symmetrical, and, when possible, have some sort of purpose. I, on the other hand, have no problem with randomly textured, sporadically placed, useless objects adorning a space. That is, as long as they look good!

So after a little hunting, this is our "Inspiration Picture"......

Clean lines on the table, with a little spunk up above. And of course all DIY....

We may or may not have already ordered the supplies for our centerpieces..........
Ok, we did!
Lets just say Jeffery has caught himself one thrifty bride!
210 centerpieces for under $375??
Now THATS how you plan a wedding!

Keep checking in for more details!
I'm sure we (I) won't be able to keep them to ourselves (myself)!

- J & E -

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The First One's Always The Hardest...

If you know us, you know we're no good at the whole "Getting To Know You" thing, so we're just going to go ahead and skip that step... Which is OK, because if you're reading this I'm sure you already know us. Or you're a creeper. In which case we would probably hold back on the "Getting To Know You" info anyway.

We would have started one of these ages ago to keep track of all our projects/day trips/adventures/typical lazy nights that completely lack any adventure at all, but like most couples who aren't officially engaged or married we stuck with the occasional FB mobile upload or inside joke wall post. You know, the usual stuff.

But ever since we got this baby about a month ago, I have been thinking a lot about setting us up with a blog.

So here it is... Our very own space to post about whatever we want, whenever we want, without the annoying FaceBook notifications... Unless of course we decide to use every post as a status update! Check back to see what we're up to and how our planning is going for the Big Day.

-J & E